National Advocate and Mother Brings Together Thousands of American Families to Support Access to Life-Saving Therapeutic Hemp Oil

WASHINGTON - Thousands of American families joined together today to launch the Coalition for Access Now – a nonprofit organization that will educate the public and lawmakers regarding the health benefits of therapeutic hemp oil for the treatment of chronic health conditions. The Coalition will work to coordinate and amplify the voices of parents, grandparents, and other caregivers who seek to make their case to legislators and regulators at every level of government for immediate and, in many cases, life-saving access to therapeutic hemp oil.

Led by nationally known mother and advocate, Paige Figi, whose 8-year-old daughter Charlotte demonstrated to the world the positive health impacts of therapeutic hemp oil – a therapy that is now known as “Charlotte’s Web” – the Coalition will work to free the thousands of medical refugees who have been forced to uproot their families, quit their jobs in many cases, and transplant to Colorado or other states simply because federal and state laws do not permit access to therapeutic hemp oil.

“Access to therapeutic hemp oil is the difference between life and death for my daughter, and there are thousands of parents across the country who are currently being forced into medical refugee status in order to get their own children this natural treatment,” said Paige Figi. “Our mission is to educate lawmakers and families and break down the barriers that are keeping children from this treatment option.”

Therapeutic hemp oil, a cannabis-derived treatment with low-THC (the chemical that produces a psychotropic effect) and high-CBD (a known anticonvulsant) has been shown to reduce seizures in some children and adults who suffer from them regularly. Prior to gaining access to therapeutic hemp oil, Charlotte Figi was experiencing approximately 1200 grand mal seizures per month, which served to stunt her emotional and mental development. That number has diminished to roughly two per month.

“The families and caregivers of children in dire need do not have years to wait for bureaucracies to sort out the safety and efficacy of a natural substance that we already know works,” said Figi. “We urge lawmakers across this country to free these families and let them do what is most basic to them as parents – care for their children.”

As a cannabis derivative, the oil extracted from high CBD/low THC cannabis is trapped under the same legal restrictions as marijuana – a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law, and banned by most states. This despite the fact that the United States is the largest hemp importer in the world, and that a consumer can buy a litany of imported hemp products on Amazon and in the grocery store.

The Coalition is incorporated in Colorado, and will drive its communications operations out of Washington DC where it has retained the national communications strategy firm Nahigian Strategies, LLC. The Coalition will serve as a clearinghouse for families seeking to use their voices, but also a resource for federal and state lawmakers, regulators, and media.