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  • commented on Congress Overwhelmingly Approves Hemp Oil Therapy Amendment Sets the Stage for Legislation that Will Help Thousands of Families Nationwide 2018-10-10 18:54:31 -0400
    I am Jeanne Ludovico a cancer survivor. I believe the benefits of medicinal cannabis oil go way beyond palliative care. Last year i had a large ulcerating tumor eating into my carotid artery in the neck that threatened my life. Ulcerating tumors rarely heal and doctors told me there was little that could be done other than managing the symptoms. So i ordered cannabis oil from Rick Simpson on and started taking cannabis oil.Even though I’d been told by over 28 oncologists altogether and four other doctors that there’s no coming back from a tumor that size, it stopped growing.Then one month later the whole wound closed up.” Within six months of starting cannabis treatment i am declared cancer free.

    Jeanne Ludovico