Coalition Thanks Georgia Gov. Deal for Supporting Hemp Oil as Critical Therapy for Children Suffering from Severe Disorders

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 17, 2015)— The Coalition for Access Now- a non-profit coalition comprised of families petitioning for access to therapeutic hemp oil nationwide—released today the following statement in support of Governor Nathan Deal passing the Haleigh’s Hope Act. 

The passing of the law comes three weeks after the Coalition, through the help of U.S. Congressman Scott Perry (PA-R), introduced The Charlotte’s Web Medical Access Act of 2015, (H.R. 1635), which is rapidly gaining support in both chambers of the Congress and from both sides of aisle in an effort to help children get the therapies they need now.

“On behalf of thousands of families across the country and the state of Georgia, thank you Governor Deal for your leadership in signing Haleigh’s Hope Act into law.  Legalizing hemp oil for medication-resistant disorders through Haleigh’s Hope Act has given children and their families new hope and better chance at life,” said Coalition founder Paige Figi.  “Georgia joins the massive movement of states and the federal government actively working toward removing unnecessary regulations that are hindering parents and their children from receiving access to this potentially life-saving therapy.  This action is just one more step forward in our fight to obtain access.”    

Haleigh Cox, the face of the bill, was having hundreds of seizers a day while on five prescription drugs that weren’t making life easier, but now she can gain access to therapeutic hemp oil in her home state, and is showing remarkable progress.

For the complete document of the Haleigh’s Hope Act, visit GA Legislation- Haleigh's Hope Act.

About The Coalition for Access Now

The Coalition for Access Now is a non-profit organization of thousands of American families that was formed to educate the lawmakers and the public on the difference between hemp oil and marijuana, as well as the health benefits of therapeutic hemp oil for the treatment of chronic health conditions.  Limited access to hemp oil due to legal restrictions in many states has created thousands of medical refugees nationally.  Through the support of federal lawmakers, the Coalition announced the “Charlotte’s Web Medical Access Act of 2015.” The bipartisan legislation will give families across the country the access they need by removing hemp oil from the Controlled Substances Act. 


For more information on the Coalition and to join our efforts to give families access to life changing treatments, go to or connect with us on Facebook.